Golden Sands Sustainability

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Golden Sands is dedicated to protecting the environment by integrating environmentally responsible practices and principles throughout the company – both in the offices and in the field. We understand that these practices are good for the environment, our business, our staff and every community that we work and build in.

We employ LEED Accredited Professionals, have developed LEED Certified properties, and are proud members of the U.S. Green Building Council ®.

An example of Golden Sands’ sustainable developments are our regional offices, located in green buildings that are LEED Registered and consume 40% less water than a regular building and are designed to use at least 35% less energy than an ordinary building of the same size.

We are also proud to announce that we are now a Carbon Neutral Company. Utilizing a reporting system called the Carbon Disclosure Project, the industry specialists at Above Green performed a detailed study to access our carbon footprint and lead us through the steps of offsetting our emissions through renewable energy projects.

Additionally, our offices achieve superior indoor air quality through our meticulous use of high quality, low-emitting materials and our fleet of vehicles is comprised of low-emission hybrids, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Other projects of note include:

  • Bank of America, Katy, Texas – LEED Silver
  • ABC Domes, Sealy, Texas – LEED Silver
  • Bank of America, Florida City, Florida – LEED Silver
  • Bank of America, Missouri City, Texas – LEED Silver
  • Bank of America, Cypress, Texas (2) - LEED Silver
  • Bank of America, Garland, Texas – LEED Silvers

Our commitment to sustainability has become standard procedure in our own workplace and is encouraged and supported amongst our growing staff. We train our employees to understand and take advantage of environmental, financial and good sense benefits of living green.