Golden Sands Code of Ethics

  • Dedication to Clients
  • Integrity
  • Open Standards
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Safety
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Community Involvement

These are the values and guiding principles that Golden Sands subscribes to across the board and in all of our professional dealings. We adhere to these standards strictly and require that all staff, vendors, sub-contractors and associates do the same. There are no compromises, ever.

Our initial commitment is to client values and the application of ethical behavior in everything we do. At Golden Sands, we apply the highest standards and integrity in the delivery of top quality professional services at reasonable and competitive cost to the client. We also protect the interests of our clients by implementing solutions based on open standards technology.

Embedded in our company's culture, our practices have become the norm but we have systems and policies in place to guard us from any deviation. We consider it a primary commitment to protect our clients, our company and our industry from any substandard work ethic or product. To do so, our entire staff is regularly audited and there is a zero-tolerance policy for misuse of company property, client information, or outside dealings with stakeholders.

Safety standards merit repetition. As detailed in the Safety section, there is no deviation from our rigorous policies and procedures.

In the human arena, we respect the individual and cultivate an atmosphere of healthy communication and collaboration. Golden Sands embraces the richness and diversity of multiple races, religions, backgrounds and politics while simultaneously promoting the essential qualities of teamwork and open-mindedness. We encourage ongoing education and training programs. We provide incentives for our staff to hold themselves to a higher standard of accountability via our "ownership mentality" mode. And at all times, Golden Sands adheres to all of the principles of equal opportunity.

Golden Sands is often privy to highly confident client information. We routinely require acknowledgement and sign off on our confidentiality pledge as it relates to secure information with which we have been entrusted.

Last, and by no means the least, we believe in giving back to the community and the environment. Both the company and the staff participate in community outreach programs throughout the year. Additionally, we have established the Golden Sands Charitable Foundation, which funds the 9 Mile Charitable Foundation in Jamaica and is dedicated to providing classrooms and basic education for young children. For further information, please visit: